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Our Story

The 'Church' at Ogmore by Sea was first established in the home of Denis and Mary Pells-Cocks in 1954. It was the only meeting place for worship in the village and began as a children's Sunday School which later gradually included parents and other adults.

In 1961, as numbers increased, a family service was developed in their large double garage and this continued for a further seven years.

The present church building was erected in 1968 on a plot of land acquired from a Christian outside the district at a nominal sum as he was keen for it to be used as a place of worship. In 1976, the first full- time Pastor was appointed.

Since its opening, the church has always been a hub in the village with toddler groups, a children's club and youth work. A Sunday service was also held in the residential home in Southerndown until its closure. 

Now, more than 50 years later, the church continues to thrive in a growing village with many and various activities.

Most importantly, we remain a family of ordinary people who have been given an extraordinary hope in the love of Jesus, and we would love to share this with you. 

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