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Helping Hands Community Work

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic sweeping the world, we understand many people may feel scared, worried or need help in the days ahead. 

As a church, we love our community and want to do our best to help those in need during this time. We are working together with St Bridgets Church and the Helping Hands groups across the five villages to help people in our community.

How it works

Serve the Street

We want each street to work together to help each other. to do this, please join our Facebook groups found below and ask one of the admins to add you to the Whatsapp group for the street you live on.

Ogmore-by-Sea Helping Hands

St Brides Major and Southerndown Helping Hands

More difficult requests

If you know of people self-isolating who are in need of shopping, medication, postal services or anything more difficult, we have people on hand willing to help get you what you need. We have phone lines available for members of the surrounding villages to call who need assistance. Your call goes through to a controller who processes the request and ensures you have it delivered to your home. The phone lines are open from 9am-5pm each day whilst we are on lockdown. These numbers are as follows: 



St Brides/ Southerndown:


Ewenny/ Corntown


We want you to know that your local church loves and cares for you. Please pass this phone number to those you know in the surrounding villages who need help at this time. 

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